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6 Ideas to Commemorate an Adoption

Adoption is a legal process that occurs when people choose to assume parental responsibility for a child. Adoptive parents can choose to adopt an infant, child, or teenager. While it’s common for a couple to adopt, single-parent adoptions also occur. In some cases, stepparents choose to adopt their partner’s child legally. This type of adoption …

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Why More Women Should Enter the Security Field

Security is needed on both the personal and business front. Until the world reaches a place where theft and vandalism aren’t as commonplace as they are now, there will always be a need for some sort of protection. Criminals break into homes, they vandalize businesses, and pose threats to our cybersecurity. The world needs more …

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Ways to Ensure Your Business Makes It Through the Pandemic

The Coronavirus has all but turned the world upside down. From the health and humanitarian crisis, it has spurred to the business challenges facing every industry and economy, COVID-19 has taken a wrecking ball to 2020. As things shift from living in confinement to socially-distanced interactions, businesses who managed to survive are now looking ahead …

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How to Start an e-Commerce Business From Home

One of the best things about e-Commerce is its global reach, flexibility, and convenience. You could sell products in Japan from your couch in New York. And for models like dropshipping, you don’t even have to worry about inventory or shipping. It’s no wonder a lot of people flock to e-Commerce as a source of …

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