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4 Surprising Facts About Health & Wellness

When it comes to the health and wellness world,…
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When it comes to the health and wellness world, there are countless things we can talk about. There are still many unknown factors regarding our bodies and our health. Every new fact that comes out is treated like a magnificent discovery. People may think they know everything about their bodies, but the truth is, there’s way more that we need to discover to fully grasp what our bodies need and want. Additionally, our bodies and health systems are constantly evolving to fit our changing environment.

Here are four surprising health facts you did not know about.

1. Being savvy about cultural variances boosts therapy sessions.


Cultural differences have always existed and many times have been a cause for division in our world. Many people are unable to comprehend that there’s so much more that we can learn from each other. Instead, they choose bitterness and apathy. When it comes to our mental health, it’s important to know the benefits of our varying cultures to understand ourselves a little better. Therapist insights from With Therapy show that there is strength in our cultural differences, and when a therapist realizes this, they can provide more effective treatments in their sessions.

2. Your indoor air quality can be improved with UV lighting.


Pollutants and germs are leading causes of poor indoor air quality. When a room is not well ventilated or its HVAC system is not properly maintained, it can affect the quality of the air you breathe. Unkempt air filters and ducts in HVAC systems can cause poor conditions in your environment such as mildew, microbes, viruses, and allergens. There are many fixes to these issues, but a lesser-known fact is that UV lights can improve your indoor air quality. UV lights can be installed inside HVAC systems to sanitize them by destroying contaminants that can build up in them. They can also help your pockets because they reduce the stress in your ducts, thus allowing a more natural airflow. On a more unusual note, this technology has been around since the late 1800s.

3. Brushing your teeth after eating can erode your tooth enamel.


When we think about things that can help our wellness, we often think about brushing our teeth. Brushing your teeth frees your mouth of cavity-causing germs and helps keep your breath fresh. You may have been taught to brush your teeth after every meal to keep your pearly whites white. However, doing this can cause your teeth to lose their enamel, thus damaging your teeth. This can be true if you brush your teeth right after eating acidic food as acidic food can soften your enamel. For best practice, it’s suggested to wait at least an hour before brushing your teeth.

4. Hot beverages can cool you off better than cold ones.


Lastly, you would think that after a long and hot day, you would help your body feel cooler by drinking a cold beverage. That’s what seems more logical. However, there are studies suggesting that a hot drink will make you feel cooler because of what it causes your body to go through. When you drink a hot beverage, like hot tea, your body will sense the change in temperature and consequently generate sweat. The sweat your body produces will cool off and make you feel cooler. This can be seen in countries like India where it’s normal to drink hot beverages on a hot day. Who knew?

As we can see, the body has a way of adapting to different situations, but it still needs our help to fully take care of itself. Eventually, we will know all of the answers to our problems, but in the meanwhile, these are bound to help you today.

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