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How to Celebrate Your College Graduation in Style

It sure has been a strange year for students everywhere. Whether you’ve been getting a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or a doctorate it’s been more than a little taxing to deal with online coursework and getting enough digital academic credits and credentials to complete the degree program you’re enrolled in. Nevertheless, students, you included, have …

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What to Do If a Worker Is Injured At Your Mine

Most states require employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance to protect employees who suffer a work-related injury or illness. The first step in any workplace injury is for the employee to notify their supervisor. The moment an injury has been recorded, the injured employee can begin receiving workers’ compensation benefits. Get a written incident report. …

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Top Retail Business Services Include Insurance and eCommerce

Retail business services and their online store affiliates are exploding in the modern marketplace. With the overturning of global retail as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, businesses (large and small) have had to rethink their contact with and relevancy to the consumer. In large part, this has occurred through increasingly rapid digitization of business operations, …

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5 Careers That Look for a Graduate-Level Business Degree

A recent survey of employers from companies all over the globe revealed that most businesses prefer to hire MBA graduates. The majority of these employers were interested in graduates for positions that required strategic thinking and innovation, finance skills, analytics, marketing, and consulting. In the competitive business world today, having a master’s degree in business …

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How To Make Your Mining Company More Efficient

Mining is a huge part of the United States economy. The material and ore which are pulled from the Earth‚Äôs surface are used in a variety of products that we all use. Some of the most commonly mined minerals include copper, feldspar, lithium, silver, gold, iron ore, lead, nickel, coal, diamonds, clay, beryl, dolomite, and …

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How Digital Marketing Has Evolved in the Past 5 Years

Humans are naturally curious innovators. You’re constantly searching for the next best thing and better ways to adapt current methods for a brighter future. Technology is a great example of this. Fifty years ago, no one could have imagined the internet or how the digital age would completely revolutionize the world. Now, there are new …

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Are You Ready to Start Your Own Business?

These days, stimulating a small-town economy is more important than ever. Your local community will fail if there the community members don’t invest, especially in a rural area. Rural communities can’t thrive with farming alone, so it’s important for small towns and rural areas to find a balance between thriving farms and an economy with …

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Interesting Career Choices for the Modern College Student

To understand Generation Z, you need to realize that they, ironically, are a generation of many firsts. While the letter that describes the modern-day college graduating class’s generation is the last in the alphabet, this is the first generation of students raised who cannot remember a time without the internet. This is the first generation …

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