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Thinking Of Switching Careers? Check Out These Fields

In the past, people faced a lot of pressure…
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In the past, people faced a lot of pressure to chose a career path early on and stick with it until they reach retirement age. As society has progressed, people have begun to realize how impractical this system really in the context of the modern working world. The younger generations, starting with millennials, have more often been turning away from this workforce ideology and are prioritizing their happiness in their career paths. It’s now more common than ever— and more widely accepted— for people to switch careers multiple times during their working years.

Now that people have become more aware of their various career options, they don’t feel trapped in a single career for their entire life. Not only are people more willing to consider career changes, but there has also been an increase in the accessibility of education and professional training for people of all ages and stages of their careers. When people are able to successfully follow their passions through their careers, we see an increase in the overall happiness of people as well as an increase in productivity. The following are some incredibly useful resources for individuals who are ready for change.

Entering the Real Estate Industry

Real estate is one industry that many people decide to enter as a career change later in life. While you may have been passionate about real estate from a young age, you might have felt like this career goal was out of your reach. Receiving your real estate license takes a lot of studying and dedication, but the payoff can be absolutely tremendous. One of the best ways to ensure your success in the real estate industry is to pursue your license in a state that is considered highly lucrative. One place with a real estate market that stands out from the others in terms of profitability is New York.


If you’re considering applying for a real estate license in New York State, there are tons of tools and resources that can help you achieve this goal. Ryan Serhant’s real estate company, SERHANT, offers highly effective courses to help people receive their real estate license for NY. Because New York State (and specifically New York City) is so lucrative and the real estate offers such high commissions, there is a lot of competition among real estate agents in the area. This is why aspiring real estate agents should take advantage of these types of educational courses that are available to them.

Continuing Your Education to Enter the Public Sector

A common theme among people who switch careers is furthering their education. Whether you decide to go to a state school, university, or trade school, continuing your education and choosing a specialization is the best way to ensure success in your future occupation. Oftentimes when people decide to change occupations and go back to school, they do so in order to enter the public sector. Whether you’re interested in being a part of your local government or even the Department of State, getting a degree in this field is highly beneficial.


A masters in public administration (MPA) is a great way to set yourself apart from other applicants in the public sector. The field of public administration is very broad and contains many job opportunities, which is why an MPA degree is so popular and highly useful. Public service aims to better communities in a variety of ways, and when you decide on a specialization, you can begin to create real change for people that need it. Public administration specifically involves more of enacting public policy, which is why an MPA gives you the competitive advantage. The best MPA programs also offer real-world experience for their students, so you’re better prepared to enter the field once you graduate.

Pursuing a Nursing Degree and Occupation

Healthcare has been a rapidly growing field for decades, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. This is why it’s always a smart idea to choose an occupation in healthcare, regardless of where you’re at in life. If you have a passion for healthcare, you can find your place in the field. The only thing that stands between people and a career in healthcare is often education. Nursing school programs, while they are rigorous and require high levels of dedication, have been making themselves more accessible to potential students in recent years. Especially since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for the compassion and expertise of nurses and healthcare providers is higher than ever.


A practical nursing program is highly beneficial to anyone who is passionate about pursuing a career in the healthcare field for many reasons. The average salary of registered nurses and nurse practitioners has been steadily rising for years. Another major reason people pursue these programs is the sheer amount of practical nursing career opportunities. Public health and safety are at the forefront of everyone’s mind as we continue to deal with the fallout of the pandemic. Deciding to enter the realm of public health is incredibly selfless and brave, and the healthcare industry is now, more than ever, trying to make sure that its practitioners are being rewarded greatly for their efforts.

Becoming a Cosmetologist

Cosmetology is one field that involves a lot of passion and dedication in order to be successful. In the past, cosmetology was shamed and looked down upon for being a feminine field of work. As we’ve progressed as a society, we’ve come to realize how much skill and talent it takes to make it as a cosmetologist, though. Whether you want to become a hairstylist, nail technician, or certified esthetician, you have to dedicate hundreds of hours to the coursework and training in order to enter the field.


Aveda Institute offers some of the highest quality cosmetology courses in Las Vegas for aspiring cosmetologists. The beauty industry has become an incredibly lucrative field, and it’s one industry that is working tirelessly to become more inclusive. The expert instructors at Aveda Institute are committed to providing unmatched education and real-world experience to anyone with a passion for beauty. If you’ve been considering entering the world of cosmetology, Aveda Institute has plenty of opportunities that can help you find your place.

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