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4 Tips on Managing Workplace Perks and Discounts

It’s never been more important to offer comprehensive and…
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It’s never been more important to offer comprehensive and enticing employee benefits if you want to recruit the best talent for your business. Studies suggest over 2/3 of millennials care about the perks and benefits at their workplace, so if you’re hoping to keep your workforce happy and growing, creating programs that help employees and provide them with additional opportunities is a fantastic idea. What to include and focus on when creating a benefits package and arranging perks and discounts can be overwhelming, especially if you manage a large business with a lot of employees. If you’re not sure where to start, let’s go over five simple tips on managing workplace perks and discounts.

1. Prioritize wellness.


It’s no secret that happy employees are more productive, and happiness often starts with feeling good and being healthy. Organizations like Wellable understand that making employees want to come to work and be excited about doing it starts with employee wellness. Employee discount programs and perks that offer money-saving benefits on things like on-site gyms, employee cafeterias, and mental health services can be a huge motivating factor when it comes to convincing top recruits to take a job at your company. Knowing that your employer cares about your overall wellness would make anyone feel better about working harder.

2. Promote discounts and cost-saving programs.


Discounts for local businesses and pharmacies are especially smart since your employees will likely have to patronize them for food or services at one point or another. You can encourage them to get to know the area and help them save some money all at the same time. You can reach out to restaurants, shops, pharmacies, and businesses nearby and talk about collaborating on some kind of employee benefits program. There is no shortage of places to look for deals that you can inform employees about, whether it’s a money-saving offer for a gym membership or a discount Rx coupon. Nearly everyone needs prescription drugs at some point, so connecting with a local pharmacy to offer medicine discounts to your employees with a discount card both show that you care about their health and wellness and create value with local businesses like pharmacies in the area.

3. Connect with local businesses.


Another great way to help your employees in addition to making valuable connections in your community is to partner with local businesses to offer employee discounts. Look into restaurants and shops that might offer a convenient lunch, or even salons and recreational activities that might be willing to work with you at a lower price for people who work for your company. You might even find new business partners that you can work with on other ventures, and employees will appreciate being able to get the best deals in the area when they’re not at the office. If you’re building a new business or looking to renovate, consider an employee cafeteria or at least some limited to-go food options. They’re fast, convenient, and allow your employees to not have to worry about bringing something or purchasing it.

4. Ask your employees for feedback.


The goal of any workplace perk or benefit is to help your employee in a way that they find valuable, so it just makes sense to reach out to your employees for feedback. Do they love physical activity or wish they had more information about healthy habits? Ask what types of programs and amenities they would find most useful. Do your research about what types of perks your competitors offer, so you can make sure you compare favorably if an applicant is deciding between two offers.

Ultimately, offering perks and benefits to your employees is about understanding their needs and interests and responding to them in a proactive way. Discounts on local businesses, especially for food and health-focused establishments, can help mitigate the cost of working at an office and the cost of living if you’re in a major city. Wellness programs can improve mental health and physical health, an important factor in productivity and happiness, and help your employees make positive life changes that can benefit them both at home and in the office. A majority of the workforce cares about and considers what perks come with a position before they accept, and you can give your business the edge when it comes to hiring the top talent in your field by offering more than just a paycheck.

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