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5 Careers That Look for a Graduate-Level Business Degree

A recent survey of employers from companies all over…
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A recent survey of employers from companies all over the globe revealed that most businesses prefer to hire MBA graduates. The majority of these employers were interested in graduates for positions that required strategic thinking and innovation, finance skills, analytics, marketing, and consulting. In the competitive business world today, having a master’s degree in business administration or other areas of the business could give you an advantage when seeking a position.

A master’s degree in business makes you more marketable as your credentials suggest that you have the requisite skills necessary to oversee business operations. Seeking a master’s degree in business is a wise investment in yourself and your future. Let’s take a look at five careers that look for a graduate-level business degree.

1. Data Analytics


In the era of big data and business intelligence, companies are now collecting large amounts of raw data. While this stockpile of information is essential for many companies and organizations, analyzing it has proven to be a challenge. Data analytics has become a critical role in many businesses as they require their raw data to be turned into meaningful information and insights. This information allows for more informed business decisions.

As a result, the need for data analysts in the business sector has skyrocketed. An executive MBA could help you get into this field. There are many opportunities in business data analytics for those with a graduate-level degree.

2. Advertising and Marketing


Marketing has evolved in recent years with the introduction of the digital age. As the media landscape has shifted from traditional advertising to content marketing, the need for marketers who can mine data has risen. With this increase in demand for marketing research analysts, the field is expected to grow exponentially in the future. An individual with a master’s degree in business can have access to a host of opportunities in advertising and marketing.

3. Finances


It goes without saying that a business cannot function without money. If the company doesn’t spend money wisely, it can’t survive. This is the reason that financial managers are so important to companies. Firms are looking for master’s level business professionals to oversee and monitor budgets and investments. A master’s degree coupled with some accounting work can help you secure a position as a financial manager.

4. Business Operations


Business operations management is critical with so many corporations conducting international business and employing intricate manufacturing operations. Ensuring that all of the components of a business are working properly is crucial to assuring the success of a company. The job of business managers is to keep deadlines and enforce quality control standards. A master’s degree in business will prepare you for the complexities of business administration.

5. Information Technology


With so many aspects of business relying on technology and digital tools, the demand for IT professionals with business skills is growing. With some specialization and additional courses, information security could prove to be full of possibilities for those with an MBA. With growing amounts of technology and communication, companies are seeking to expand and build solid IT teams. An individual with a technology background as well as a business degree could prove to be a vital part of an IT team.

For those seeking a career as a business professional, investing in a master’s degree program could open up an entirely new set of opportunities. From data analysis to marketing to finances, there are several positions that many businesses are looking to fill with highly qualified graduate degree holders. The business courses required for an MBA demonstrate to employers that you have the skills and abilities needed to contribute to a successful business plan.

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