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5 Weight-Loss Tips That Actually Work

When it comes to weight loss tips, the list…
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When it comes to weight loss tips, the list of suggestions is never-ending. Some people might struggle with making healthy choices when it comes to eating, others might be having a hard time exercising, and then there’s those of us who just don’t know where to begin. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but there are certain recommendations that can be helpful no matter your goals.


Here are five weight-loss tips that will help you meet your weight loss goal and remain consistent.


1. Stay Hydrated


Staying hydrated and drinking water is excellent for your overall health, but can also make a difference when it comes to losing weight. Studies have found a myriad of benefits relating to calories and appetite. One such study showed that drinking water before a meal resulted in a 44% greater weight loss than those that did not increase their water intake. It has also been shown that drinking water before a meal can decrease the total amount of calories consumed during the meal. It is typically recommended to drink eight, 8-oz cups of water every day but this can vary by your weight and height.


2. Start Exercising


Even if you are eating healthy or taking supplements, implementing exercise into your routine will yield better results. It doesn’t necessarily need to be an hour each day, but you want to have some level of physical activity each and every day.


Cardio is a great way to get your heart rate going and burn off those calories. Weightlifting is also an option, just make sure to get the correct weight as to not overexert yourself. Activities such as yoga and Pilates are effective ways to improve your overall mental wellbeing and lose weight. With consistent exercise, you’ll be able to get into your petite jackets and favorite jeans in no time.


3. Get Sleep


Many do realize the role that a solid night’s sleep can play in losing extra pounds. Sleep has been linked to obesity, with studies showing a 55% increased likelihood of obesity in adults with poor sleeping habits. How much sleep you need will vary depending on several factors, but the majority of people should be getting between 7 to 9 hours a night.


4. Join A Program


Joining a weight loss program can be one of the best ways to get support when you want to lose weight. Depending on the weight loss clinic, you’ll have a dedicated person or team that is able to guide you each step of the way. These medical weight loss clinics offer more than just meal planning and dietitians, which are a big help on their own. They also will have educational resources, teaching you about actual nutrition and the impact of certain foods on your body. If you have a chronic disorder, these programs can even add medication to your regime. You can also find personalized weight loss plans, such as those for new moms or someone interested in a ketogenic diet.


5. Be Positive


Your overall mental well-being plays a major role in your weight loss journey. If you are not happy mentally, it can lead to stress, anxiety, and over or undereating—the latter of which is also not conducive to healthy weight loss. If you have been finding it difficult to have a positive outlook, or you simply feel that speaking with someone could be of benefit to your behavior, seek out a mental health professional. Companies like WithTherapy offer personalized services that will match you with a qualified doctor. Together, you can find a professional that best suits your needs and will work with you throughout your journey.


The above tips will make a positive impact on your weight loss journey. One important thing to remember is that weight loss looks different for everyone—make sure to feel proud and accomplished no matter how quickly and seamlessly your journey goes.

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