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A Look at the Shipping and Packaging Industries

Chances are you’ve done your fair share of online…
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Chances are you’ve done your fair share of online shopping. If that is the case, you’ve definitely experienced the shipping options once you’ve added everything you need to your cart. Whether it’s from online shopping, sending presents at Christmas time, or receiving a care package from a close friend, you’ve definitely encountered the shipping industry in one way or another. But when you break it down, how much do you really know and understand about the shipping and packaging industry?

This shipping industry and distribution centers are really the lifeblood of supply chain management and how enterprises get their orders out to all their loyal customers. There are a lot of moving pieces and parts that have to come together for these distribution centers to get the job done and meet all the right endpoints.

From the right machines to the right processing software, the shipping industry needs to be durable and reliable at all times. Otherwise, no one would get their packages on time at the right place. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at this particular industry and just how important the work they do is.

Machinery makes the business.

When you receive a parcel in the mail, you probably don’t give a second thought about what it came in. Boxes and sealants and wrappings are just a natural part of the packaging. But what you don’t realize is how complex and advanced the machines are that do the wrapping. Consider a shrink wrap machine, for example.

Shrink wrappers have to be prepared to cover a wide variety of products with the perfect shrink and sealers. The right carton or shrink-wrap system can provide reliability for clients that their products will be shipped safely and securely. The shrink wrap can help coat any and all items and is a prime example of how machinery is aiding and changing the shipping and distribution industries.

You need to stay organized and secure.

When you order a package, think of all the steps that have to be taken and all the sensitive information that the company now has. Shipping organizations have to guarantee security and tight organization for their customers. First of all, organization is key. Large distribution centers could have thousands of products moving through on a daily basis. The conveyor has to know exactly where everything goes so it ends up at the proper destination. It is a big job that requires intense precision and no room for vulnerabilities.

Likewise, there is a lot of security data needed within a distribution center. Security Operation Centers (SOCs) as a service can work wonders for your in-house team to stay protected from cyberattacks or security breaches. With the help of virtual SOC, you can feel secure with all your event handling and any sensitive information that may come through the systems.

Working as the middle man.

One thing to truly understand about the shipping industry is that they are the middle man for most operations. Manufacturers don’t always like to communicate with retailers directly. So distributors have become one of the best practices to securely transport products and items directly to retailers or consumers. They take on a lot of responsibility, but you may hardly even realize they are there. But thanks to their hard work, the supply chain continues plugging along and products can move around the globe.

Shipping costs can fluctuate.

Because shipping has so many different requirements, shipping costs will often vary. This is why you’ll see different prices when you go to purchase something online or to ship a package to a loved one. Because of all the locations that may have to travel to plus other factors, you may end up paying more or less for shipping.

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