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Essentials for Opening Your New Jersey Restaurant

Opening a restaurant is an ambitious task, and with…
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Opening a restaurant is an ambitious task, and with the world starting to open back up, now is a great time to consider this type of business venture. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, it’s important to be aware of the rich tools and resources available to you. Taking advantage of these resources is what helps your restaurant stand out from the competition. The following are some great sources of support for new restauranteurs and key integrations that can help you succeed.

Online Ordering Systems

The ability to place orders online is almost expected today in the restaurant industry among consumers. This is especially true since the onset of the COVID-19 and subsequent restaurant closures. Being able to offer an online interface for ordering and delivery is the best way to ensure your customers can still support your business. Finding the right online ordering system for your business needs doesn’t have to be difficult, though. Large and small restaurants alike can benefit from offering online ordering and food delivery.


Cuboh is considered one of the best restaurant online ordering system platforms on the market today. There are so many different mobile apps for customers to use for online orders. While this grows your accessibility to your potential customers, it can complicate things in your kitchen. Additionally, having to set up your takeout menu within all these different mobile apps is time-consuming. With Cuboh’s online food ordering system, you can consolidate your customer data and presence on all of these mobile apps into one single interface.

Online ordering sites typically all utilize a different POS integration, and this makes it difficult for you to reward your loyal customers. A customer loyalty program is a great resource, especially for small restaurants. If you’re depending on online ordering systems and mobile apps for your business, and you’re unable to integrate your loyalty program into the system, this can have negative consequences. Cuboh lets you consolidate online ordering, POS systems, pickup, and food delivery onto one device in your restaurant. This way restaurant owners can maintain their presence on online ordering platforms, simplify online payments, and reward loyal customers through online ordering.

In-House Entertainment

When your restaurant is finally ready for a soft opening, or even its official grand opening, it’s a great idea to make it a celebration. Many of your potential guests are just starting to venture out into the world again after COVID-19, and that’s reason enough to celebrate. Your restaurant opening should be like a party for you and your guests.


For restaurant owners in Long Island, New York, there are many great options for entertainers and party rental services. Clowns4Kids is a highly rated source for entertainment in Long Island, NY. While they offer entertainment services for weddings, birthday parties, and other outdoor activities, they also provide high-quality entertainment for restaurants. You can also utilize the Long Island-based company’s services on a regular basis and have special events every week.

Having on-site entertainment is also a great way to grow your new restaurant’s online presence. When guests post about your weekly events on social media it will entice new customers to come to join the festivities. Entertainment services are also great for times when your restaurant is running promotions. Whether you’re promoting a charity event or offering special discounts to new customers, when you turn it into a celebration, it gets people’s attention. Restaurant owners want to captivate their guests to keep them coming back every week. By offering in-house events, you’ll be attracting tons of families and parties, and you’ll also be creating loyal customers.

Protection via Insurance Coverage

Now that you’ve poured your time, energy, and money into your restaurant, you want to do everything you can to protect it. Insurance coverage is the best way to ensure that your assets are safe. This is especially important for owners of small restaurants who don’t have any sort of corporate backing. When considering different insurance companies for your restaurant, you’ll want to have all the details about your business ready in order to make an informed decision.


Location and building type play a key role in the type of insurance policy you will purchase for your restaurant. Policies can also change based on whether you’re a property owner or if you’re renting your space from a landlord. For many small restaurants in downtown areas, a mixed-use building is the best option for their commercial space. A mixed-use building is one that offers commercial options on the ground floor, with residential spaces on the floors above.

If this is the type of commercial property you’re considering for your restaurant space, you’ll need a mixed-use insurance policy. You’ll want comprehensive coverage for your mixed-use building because this type of commercial building has unique benefits as well as risks. Because your space is technically shared, you’ll want to make sure that your business is protected in case of damages caused by other tenants that may be completely out of your hands. The commercial property owners will have different needs than the residential property owners above, so it’s important to discuss this with your insurance company.

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