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How Canadians Are Both Saving and Earning

Saving is a crucial part of maintaining great personal…
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Saving is a crucial part of maintaining great personal finances. Savings accounts have traditionally formed an important component of an investment and savings portfolio, yet in today’s marketplace, the traditional savings account often accounts for just emergency fund cash. In the United States, Canada, and beyond, consumers are prioritizing a variety of savings strategies in order to help them maintain a positive cash flow.

Canadians are often found at the head of the pack when it comes to savings habits—especially in comparison to their neighbors in the United States. But many consumers across the world still find it difficult to balance the constant pressure of daily expenses with the long-term savings goals that they keep for their budgeting.

With these frameworks, building a long-term strategy for saving, earning, and maintaining a positive cash flow can be made far simpler. Ounces of gold, investments in firms like Alamos, and discounts from third-party operators on the things you buy every day can go a long way towards providing further assistance once added together to protect your ongoing free cash flow.

Start with discount offers.


Many of the things you purchase on a daily or weekly basis can be acquired at a discount. This is particularly true for prescription medication. Pharmacies all across the United States and Canada do their best for customers, but without a dedicated prescription discount strategy, you are simply doomed to continue overpaying for the medication that you need on a daily basis. CanadaDrugstore offers a substantial prescription discount for Canadians who rely on thousands of different prescriptions and medical supplements. Canada Drugstore is a huge boon for those who take regular medication or find themselves needing pharmacy assistance after a car accident, surgery, or illness.

Pharmacy prices are rising all over the world—in the United States, adults can expect to spend around $1,200 on average each year on prescription purchases alone. Taking advantage of any discounts you can get as a consumer will put you ahead of the game when it comes to boosting your overall cash flow and alleviating the strain that large outgoing expenses place on your financial health.

Invest in great companies.


In addition to limiting the outgoing expenses that you see, building a portfolio of high yield investments is also crucial for swinging the balance of savings and spending in your favor. Companies like Alamos Gold Inc., headed by John A. McCluskey, offer investors a fantastic return on their capital, and with a little bit of digging it’s easy to see why Alamos is so highly favored among investors. Listed in the NYSE and TSX exchanges, Alamos is a winner in both the territory of Canada and in the United States’ trading spaces. Technical reports surrounding this gold miner show that there are few limits on the upward mobility of many mining companies in the current climate, but the Kirazli project and Alamos’ free cash flow work together to set this firm apart from other mining companies.

Alamos Gold (formally: Alamos Gold Inc., NYSE: AGI) is a Canadian multinational gold miner with continuous operations in North America and a number of exploratory projects in the Republic of Turkey. Alamos operates the Mulatos Mine in Mexico with high-quality energy sources that are tapped directly into the national grid. This has allowed Alamos to cut down on operating costs while also keeping the harmful effects of diesel generators away from their site at Mulatos.

In addition, the Young-Davidson and Island Gold sites in Northern Ontario are upgrading to similar power options and each of the miner’s sites has eliminated the use of cyanide and other chemicals in the process of extraction. With this nod toward environmentalism, Alamos has proven that gold miners don’t have to be a bane to the progress of environmental causes. Instead, these firms can work with governments, NGOs, and others to reimagine the way in which gold mining is conducted, preserving our planet in the process of extracting this essential component of the Earth’s mineral reserves that has only continued to balloon in the consumer electronics and investment spaces.

The Republic of Turkey development is another great draw for Alamos investors. The Turkish Government has been working with Alamos to create three new mining sites in Turkey for a number of years, and the site at Kirazli in particular promises an enormous return on investment in the form of incredibly cost-effective ounces of gold (in fact well over 100,000 ounces of gold each year). The total cash cost of these mines in the Republic of Turkey will set Alamos even farther apart from other gold mining companies.

Investing in great dividend-producing stocks (of which Alamos is a fantastic option) that also share in the growth trend of the overall market can provide you with the other side of the coin when it comes to boosting your cash flow and savings. Chase after these great financing options to always make the most of your capital.

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