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How to Celebrate Your College Graduation in Style

It sure has been a strange year for students…
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It sure has been a strange year for students everywhere. Whether you’ve been getting a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or a doctorate it’s been more than a little taxing to deal with online coursework and getting enough digital academic credits and credentials to complete the degree program you’re enrolled in. Nevertheless, students, you included, have persevered and obtained the degree that they set out for. Now it’s time to celebrate your graduation!

Still, the coronavirus pandemic is not over yet, despite vaccine rollouts. With that in mind, how can you celebrate your bachelor’s or master’s degree in style, while maintaining a safe social distance? You can’t exactly invite your loved ones over to party in your living room. Still, there are ways that you can celebrate the completion of your diploma or degree program. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to do so.

Shout it from the rooftops — or from your front yard.


One of the best parts of celebrating is the idea that everyone knows, and is proud of, your achievements. Of course, it’s hard to experience that from afar, but you can still share your success with your local community. Graduation yard signs are very popular and can be personalized to the nth degree. It’s easy to order a yard sign with the name of the grad, as well as the diploma or degree program they’ve completed.

Have you finished your Bachelor of Science (BSN) or Master of Science (MSN) program? Are you now a doctor or a registered nurse? Add that to your graduation yard sign! You can even add a specialty, like patient care or pediatrics, to the yard sign. It’ll be pretty cool when your neighbors start to add “doctor” to your name when wishing you a good morning.

Match your celebration to your new career path.


Another great idea is to host a Zoom dance party so that the people you love can celebrate with you. After all, nursing degrees take a lot of effort to complete. You need to do a lot of coursework, get clinical experience, and pass a host of complicated exams to pursue a career path as a registered nurse, nurse practitioner, or vocational nurse.

This is just one example, of course. any diploma or degree program should be celebrated as a major achievement. That being said, if you have completed an advanced degree in nursing, it might be fun to give your Zoom party nursing degree theme. In that way, you can celebrate both the specific aspects of your incredible success.

Get a new wardrobe for your new career path as well.


Now that you’ve gained access to the career of your dreams, the best way to take the next step and to celebrate is to treat yourself to some new clothes! If you’ll be working in an office, get yourself some great blazers and button-ups, or a pair of really comfy slacks. If you’re entering the nursing profession, maybe invest in some nice scrubs and extra comfortable shoes.

Make a party playlist to share with family and friends.

If you’re going to be having a Zoom party, you can craft a party playlist and share it with folks all around the United States who will be celebrating with you. There are a million themes for these playlists, so you can take this in any direction you like. That way, you know you’ll all be rocking out to the same tunes.

Graduating is exciting, and any grad should be lauded for their accomplishments. Consider a graduate sign to share with your community, a themed party to celebrate your new pathway, as well as a new wardrobe that you can wear with pride to your first day of work. Whether you’re joining the nursing profession, becoming an administrator, or have just gotten a Ph.D., you’ll be happy you shared the joy with people in your life.

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