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Interesting Career Choices for the Modern College Student

To understand Generation Z, you need to realize that…
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To understand Generation Z, you need to realize that they, ironically, are a generation of many firsts. While the letter that describes the modern-day college graduating class’s generation is the last in the alphabet, this is the first generation of students raised who cannot remember a time without the internet. This is the first generation of students to grow up learning the pros and cons of social media the hard way. Natural leaders, social justice-minded, technology-savvy, and passionate about advocacy causes, research shows that this generation has the steepest hill to climb, too. That is, Generation Z is facing the challenge of coming out of school during a global pandemic where economies, the job market, and life, in general, are all more uncertain than ever.

For this reason, it’s no surprise that Gen Z students are picking careers differently than ever before. To learn more about where the modern student is headed career-wise, read on.

Helping and Essential Professions


Because of the global pandemic, it’s probably no surprise that many recent grads in the United States are going on to advanced studies in graduate schools that will give them professions in the healthcare field. Their professional development activities include entering nursing programs to earn credentials for ANCC certification, best practice nursing management, and learning everything it takes to be a nurse practitioner, nurse teacher, nurse administrator, or any type of registered nurse and doctor that can help people in medical need.

Modern college grads are working hard to prove their competence in the medical field with jobs like nursing, emergency medical services, and even in Covid-19 tracking and tracing efforts. A great way to gain employment fresh out of school during an uncertain market while waiting for the pandemic out, these savvy young professionals are finding ways to keep their resumes fresh in uncertain times.

Marketing and Social Media


Email marketing, preparing things like a marketing guide for law firms, making the most of social media platforms, and learning search engine optimization techniques are other skills new grads are brushing upon. Whether it’s taking online classes to place the perfect Google ad or working their way through search engine optimization on freelance website gigs, Generation Z is staying busy putting their unique skill set to use.

More aware than any generation before that a strong marketing effort is the key to a successful business, they are changing the online global market with flashy video content, digital billboards, and more. Instead of spending a lot of money on software or website optimization themselves, this group of grads is writing code and SEO for themselves. Making the most of all social media channels, they are becoming influencers, collecting sponsors, and becoming the future of digital sales. They know the ins and outs of placing Facebook ads and can quickly pick up on consumer wants versus needs faster than any generation before.

Work from Home and Small Businesses


With marketing and sales skills and often working remotely from their parent’s homes and basements, many of today’s modern grads are working hard to develop profitable businesses. With an eye toward the environment, holistic lifestyles, young living, and other trends, this is a group with a focus on maintaining a strong online presence as their best approach to success.

A typical day in the life of a modern grad is waking up at 10 a.m., checking email, logging in to social media, taking an online SEO strategy class, and working late into the night on their newest essential oil business business plan between connecting online with friends.

At the end of the day, Generation Z is finding new and creative ways to make income in spite of a global pandemic. They value freedom and the autonomy of being able to set their own schedules. Still, they find themselves struggling to leave family homes due to the uncertain market. For now, they’ll run businesses from Mom and Dad’s house, but will ultimately be huge players in the global market. These changes and this generation’s unique characteristics will undoubtedly change the global marketplace long after the pandemic.

If you’re a Gen Z student fresh out of school or someone doing your best to support one, the best way to handle the uncertain market is with a positive attitude and open mind. Change is coming, and it likely starts with you or the student you love.

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