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Planning A Destination Proposal? Make Sure to Pack These 7 Things

You’re feeling all of the feelings. And, this is…
a suitcase full of clothes

You’re feeling all of the feelings. And, this is for good reason considering you’re ready to propose to the love of your life. Proposals bring up an entire host of emotions including happiness, nerves, and excitement. With all of these feelings swirling around your head, it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed.

On top of these feelings, a destination proposal that adds packing and traveling to your already full to-do list is even more nerve-racking. Take a deep breath and relax because there are some helpful packing tips to assist you in getting ready for the big day. Continue reading for seven must-haves to make the destination proposal of your partner’s dreams.

1. Get the ring of their dreams.


If there’s one thing that you absolutely can’t forget, it’s your partner’s engagement ring. If you already have their perfect ring picked out and in your reach, then make sure to discreetly pack it away until the day comes. However, if you’re a little behind and you still need to purchase a ring, consider a custom engagement ring.

If you’re near the area, search for custom engagement rings Baltimore. This jeweler creates one-of-a-kind engagement rings with high attention to detail that will have your partner swooning. You can opt for their financing option if you can’t pay off your partner’s desired jewelry in full. All in all, what’s important is that you pick out the perfect engagement ring that they’ll love to celebrate your beautiful story together.

2. Pick a secure place to hide the ring from your partner.


Now that you know to remember to pack the ring, another problem arises— you packed the ring, but you can’t just toss it into your bag or suitcase and risk your partner see it lying there. You want to keep this proposal top secret, so you have to secure a place to keep it away from anyone but you. A great idea is to pack a backpack that you keep on you for the duration of the time before the proposal. For example, if you plan on proposing on a hike, your backpack seamlessly fits into the picture without question. Obviously, you can put it in your pocket when you’re closer to popping the question. But, it’s worthwhile packing a smaller bag like a satchel, fanny pack, or backpack, to have on hand to keep the proposal a surprise.

3. Pack a variety of clothes.


Packing your trip involves packing clothes. You’ll want to pack a variety of different clothing options for this special trip. You need something a bit fancy for the actual proposal, but also casual clothes for everything you’re doing before and after it. If you plan on lounging most of the trip, bring some sweats or lounge clothes. But, if you plan on going to nice restaurants to celebrate after the proposal, you’ll need attire that fits the occasion. That’s why it’s best to remember to pack both a casual element and a more dressed up element for different occasions. This way, you’re prepared for it all.

4. Look your best.


This is a big day for you and your partner. You want to look back on your engagement photos and see that you look your best. For men, this means making sure you’re properly groomed in the beard department. If you have a beard, you understand the beard struggle. You need to take time out of your day to make your facial hair look well-maintained and healthy instead of an unkempt and unruly beard.

To do so, many men use beard oils and beard combs to keep the hair cuticle full of moisture. However, some beards require more work than that. That’s where a heated beard brush comes in handy, and it’s a must-have to pack for this proposal. This heated beard brush styles your beard with heat while also adding volume. The heat helps lock in your beard’s style so that you can confidently rock your beard the entire day, allowing you to be in your tip-top facial hair game for when you pop the question.

5. Write out your proposal on paper to prep.


Packing this is optional, but it’s a great idea for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, you don’t really have time or the outlet to rehearse your proposal while you’re at your destination with your partner. Since you’re going together, it’s better to have the proposal prepared beforehand and written on some kind of note that’s safely tucked away with the ring. Another reason why you should pre-write your proposal is that it helps you effectively express your feelings for your partner instead of feeling flustered at the moment. What you say at this moment is important, because it’s an expression of your love, so write it before leaving and be sure to pack it too!

6. Don’t skimp on the photos.


Arguably one of the most important parts of your proposal is photographs to capture the moment. Though you don’t need to pack a photographer, you do need to plan that someone is capturing the moment before you head out on your trip. An experienced photographer is a great option to capture the moment, and sometimes they’ll travel for the shoot. If you can’t afford this option, no need to worry. You can also enlist the help of a friend to snap some shots, but keep in mind they won’t be high caliber photos like a photographer can achieve.

7. Share the moment with your family and friends.


Last but not least is to share these photos with friends. You’ll likely have a ton of photos from your destination proposal. All of these moments are special and deserve to be stored for years to come. With personal cloud storage from IBI, this is now possible. Their cloud storage allows you to keep all of your proposal photos and videos in one safe, secure place to share with family members and friends. With IBI, you’ll get an entire 1TB of memory to save these precious memories from any social media account, phone, or camera. At the end of the day, your proposal is an incredibly exciting moment, and these tips and tools make it easier to create, store and share your memories.

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