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Should You Invest in Commodities or Insurance Stocks?

Insurance and commodity purchases are great additions to any…
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Insurance and commodity purchases are great additions to any portfolio. Investors have been leveraging coverage alongside and stock holdings surrounding insurance subsidiaries themselves for generations in order to provide a unique peace of mind as well as a long-term growth asset that will fund retirement and spending requirements projected out into the future.

Commodities offer an excellent resource for the financial planner as well. Whether you’re thinking about luxury watches, bonds, ounces of gold or silver bullion, or unique stock assets that underpin these types of commodity asset classes, investing in a diversified and highly structured set of holdings is a crucial component in finding long term success.

Commodities begin with research and ingenuity.


In order to invest in any type of asset, you’ll need to do your due diligence in order to understand the ins and outs of the marketplace. This is true for stock market trading and in buying long hold assets like an ounce of gold.

Perhaps one of the most interesting assets out there is stock in mining companies. These resources are crucial to all levels of production that govern our very existence. From car manufacturing to telecommunications equipment that allows us to check in with our friends on social media, gold, tungsten, oil, copper, and silicon are just some of the precious resources hidden beneath the surface of our world.

Gold mining projects are particularly lucrative investments for those who can spot a great deal and solid company fundamentals.

Alamos Gold (NYSE: AGI) is a great option for those looking to capitalize on a significant market mover in the early stages of a new gold mining project in the works. Alamos Gold operates a number of highly productive mines in Northern Ontario and across North America (the Mulatos Mine in Mexico and Island Gold Mine and Young-Davidson Mine in Northern Ontario), but their projects in the Republic of Turkey are some of the most exciting mining operations across the entire industry. Searching for “Alamos Gold, Turkey” is a great way to get the inside track on these rumblings within the gold mining marketplace.

Coordinating with the Turkish government since 2010, Alamos is a fixture in Kirazli and elsewhere within the Republic of Turkey. These Turkish projects combine to give Alamos ownership over one of the cheapest operational costs in the entire world when it comes to sustainable and environmentally friendly extraction processes that bring in hundreds of thousands of ounces of gold every year.

Lean on the insurance industry for long-term capital appreciation.


Not only are gold mining projects a great resource for the investor looking to buy into the underlying assets that drive the value of an ounce or gram of gold, but insurance providers are also a fantastic space for investors to look. Insurance coverage is something that is essential to everyone’s life. In order to drive, ensure financial continuity for your family in the event of a sudden tragedy, or lock-in great healthcare benefits, you will need to buy into an insurance policy.

Insurance providers are often organized as subsidiaries of larger conglomerate operations, and many smaller boutique insurance underwriters are actually owned and operated by some of the largest names in the industry. Investing in a brand that you trust is a great way to pull some capital back out of the monthly insurance bill that you continue to pay for the protection that you and your family need. Searching for “car insurance Victoria” is a great way for Australian drivers to get the comprehensive car insurance they need while also working toward locking in a quasi-discount in the form of investment into the very same company.

Investments in these types of assets are a great way to boost your overall returns for long-term financial health.

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