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The 2021 Graduation Gift Guide

This time of year, you’re practically guaranteed to know…
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This time of year, you’re practically guaranteed to know someone who’ll be graduating, whether it’s from kindergarten, high school, college, or higher education. You might even be celebrating such a milestone yourself! Whoever is facing such a major transition this spring, you’ll want to present them with the perfect gift. And, depending on your chosen recipient, you can do just that by planning a present that’s catered to them and their life plans.

For the Lifelong Learner:


Even for the last time, leaving school doesn’t need to mark the end of your graduate’s education. Keep their mind sharp with a gift that will maintain their brain. Consider compiling a collection of crossword or word search puzzles to offer them a mental workout with the added gift of a break from screentime. Or, offer an eye-catching jigsaw puzzle to keep them intrigued word-free. You can even order puzzles customized with a meaningful photo to give your gift an even greater impact.

For the Handy(wo)man:


Whether your grad is finishing up trade school or works on maintenance projects on the side, you, as the gift-buyer, can offer them a big-ticket gift for less with the help of used and salvage truck auctions. From a tractor or other farm equipment to dump trucks or cranes, your new graduate will be ready to take on any project with the gift you bid on for them. Depending on the state of the automobiles you choose, you might even offer a bonus gift—they’ll get the experience of maintaining or repairing their new piece of heavy equipment, too.

For the Always Organized:


If you know your graduate is passionate about all things planning and organization, they’ll be delighted by a present that plays upon that interest. Please do some research and find the best dot-grid journal, pens, and other supplies to help them start a bullet journal to organize this next stage of their life. Or, for the busy bee who doesn’t have time to DIY, pick out the perfect pre-formated planner. You can always offer a gift card to their favorite source of bullet journal tools or other planning supplies when in doubt.

For the Entrepreneur:


Not all grads leave school to follow a traditional career path. If your gift recipient is forging their own way with a startup or their own small business, consider finding them a gift to help them achieve that dream. Subscriptions to magazines like Forbes, the Harvard Business Review, and Inc. will offer them vital information to grow their business, no matter what line of work they’re in. Plus, it will serve as a much-appreciated reminder that you believe in them and their plans, however unconventional.

For the Little Ones:


While high school and college graduates get the most notice, it’s not only adults who celebrate an educational milestone this season. From preschool classes to middle school, many lower-level schools offer a graduation celebration marking the next steps for these students. It might seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things but, by rewarding your young grad with a gift, you’ll help instill a sense of accomplishment that will motivate them through the years of schooling still to come. Highlight the educational aspect of the occasion by offering kids a gift that will help spark their love of learning, like a book or puzzle.

Whatever stage of life it comes in, graduation is a big deal. With that in mind, finding the perfect present for the grad in your life is critical. No matter what lies ahead of them after their cap has flown through the air, you can help them start on the right foot by choosing a graduation gift that plays upon their personality, interests, and plans.

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