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What is a Truck Share?

Have you ever found yourself needing quick access to…

Have you ever found yourself needing quick access to a truck or SUV? Perhaps you needed to move and needed a box truck, or are getting away for a few days and need a pickup truck? Truck shares are becoming more popular than ever, allowing for access to the truck of your needs for as long as you need it when you need it. Let’s take a look at what truck share programs have to offer any driver.

What is a truck share?


Programs like Fluid truck share act as a peer-to-peer truck-sharing platform with round-the-clock mobile access to a wide array of trucks. These platforms allow for drivers to access the Fluid truck share app and book online, picking up a vehicle at their earliest convenience. Truck vendors will make it easy to access these trucks, going with the knowledge that borrowers are eager to utilize their products as soon as possible.

Vans, cargo vans, and SUVs are incredibly useful for a move, for homeowners and business owners alike. It’s even beneficial to lenders to allow for the rental of their vehicle as a sort of side hustle. Whether the vehicle is needed for a few hours or at a weekly rate, there is immediate access at all hours to make sure that a customer promise is delivered on.

What You Need as a Renter


To gain access to systems like Fluid Truck, it’s as easy as downloading the app. Signing up and searching for the SUV or truck you may need can be done in a flash. The first time you rent, you’ll need to verify your driver’s license and credit card. There are no monthly or annual fees in a truck share program. It’s like Uber. You’re only paying for vehicles when you’re using them. You also must be 18 years or older to rent those vehicles through a truck share.

Some truck share programs may offer up an insurance policy to drive their vehicles in the event of an accident. Standard compulsory third-party policies, like green slip insurance, give a safety net of sorts. This provides compensation for people injured or killed in a car accident. A driver could be left on the hook for compensation costs of an injured person. The price of those expenses can run quite high, even into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. In some locations, this CTP insurance is required for all drivers to legally take the road.

Benefits of Truck Sharing


A Fluid truck is rented through a safe community that is constantly monitored to assure customer and lender satisfaction. Rentals are insured through a primary insurance policy, with drivers verified by checking motor vehicle records and public safety records. Truck sharing also makes sure that there is a constant thread of communication between lenders and borrowers to assure that vehicles are being properly loaned out, and taken care of.

Fluid vehicle owners list their trucks, including make and model, being sure that the details are in order. Reservations are managed directly from the app. Lenders are also offered guidelines to advertise their services. Truck shares also have a greater impact on the environmental footprint left by using such vehicles as box trucks that expend tons of fuel. Some truck shares will highlight commercial vehicles that utilize less fuel, or electric vehicles like SUVs.

You can be across much of the U.S. and have access to a shared vehicle you wouldn’t otherwise have so immediately. It’s important to remember that there is a responsibility of borrowing these trucks, and as important as your needs are, so are those of the lender.

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