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What to Do If a Worker Is Injured At Your Mine

Most states require employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance…
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Most states require employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance to protect employees who suffer a work-related injury or illness. The first step in any workplace injury is for the employee to notify their supervisor. The moment an injury has been recorded, the injured employee can begin receiving workers’ compensation benefits.

Get a written incident report.


Any time an employee is injured on the job, they must report the incident immediately in writing to their supervisor. Some states have a shorter statute of limitations than others, so the sooner you file an incident report, the better. If an employee sustains an injury, you should ensure they get medical care immediately.

Suffering a work-related injury can cause an employee to lose income and incur significant medical expenses. The attorneys at WINInjury Network specialize in accident-related injuries, personal injury claims, and workers’ compensation benefits. They provide consultation and legal advice regarding the details of your case to help you win the fair compensation deserved.

The right of injured workers includes medical treatment for work-related accidents, Temporary Total Disability (TTD), and Permanent Partial Disability (PPD). The experienced attorneys at WIN Injury Network will work to ensure you receive all of the compensation benefits, settlement offers, and financial recovery that you deserve as an injured worker.

Ensure the injury is truly work-related.


Before filing a workers’ compensation claim, you should be certain that the injury is, in fact, work-related. This means the injury was sustained while performing work duties or a task on behalf of management. This includes sponsored company events, but they don’t have to be on company-owned property. There are several considerations to keep in mind when determining if an injury is work-related. An injury that occurs during a lunch break won’t count unless it happens in a company cafeteria. There are instances where an alcohol-induced injury is considered work-related if it happens during a work-sponsored event. Any pre-existing medical condition that’s worsened by the work environment is typically considered a work-related illness.

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File a workers’ comp claim.


You, as the supervisor, are required to file a workers’ compensation claim on behalf of the injured employee. Once you have received the required written notification of the injury, you can file the claim form so that the employee can receive benefits. The employee can either return the form in person or mail it to you via certified mail-return receipt. You’ll then be responsible for forwarding the completed claim form to your insurance company. The employee should receive a status update within 14 days from the insurance company.

Not all work-related accidents are covered by workers’ comp. Domestic, agricultural, seasonal, and undocumented workers typically aren’t eligible to receive benefits. There are other options for employees who don’t qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. The arbitration may be required per contract to settle workplace disputes, and in some instances, employees may seek legal action against an employer.

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