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What Topics Should I Write About on My Blog?

Blogging isn’t an influencer’s vapid pastime or an oversaturated…
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Blogging isn’t an influencer’s vapid pastime or an oversaturated market long since past its prime. On the contrary, a blog is an effective tool for individuals and businesses alike, even as we enter the tail end of 2021. When you decide to start a blog, though, you have a lot to consider. Perhaps most importantly, what topics will you write about? Whether you’re setting up a site for your small business or you’re setting out to launch a project on your own, you have quite a few options as to what your blog’s primary topics could be.

Your Passions


In particular, your personal passions are an incredibly potent topic you could cover in your posts for a personal blog. For example, consider blogger Prabir Purohit. As Purohit writes, his blog acts “as a creative outlet to share [his] thoughts on things that interest [him] in the everyday and around the world.” Taking inspiration from this mission, you might consider blogging about your own thoughts and interests. Whether that’s traveling in South Carolina or cleaning hacks for busy people, your interests are a great example of topics you can easily blog about.

Your Experiences


Beyond your hobbies and other passions, you indeed have experiences you can share with readers. Maybe you took an at home COVID test NJ or perhaps you’re someone who survived coronavirus elsewhere in the United States. You might be a first-generation American, like Purohit, or a world traveler who’s explored dozens of destinations. Whatever it is, your experience is uniquely yours, which means you have a unique perspective to offer in a blog. This is a great way to find a niche within your broader topic—a traveler working with a tight budget or managing a chronic illness will have an entirely different experience than someone else, even in the same destination.

Your Skills


Your passions and experiences are excellent blog topics, but they are far from the only ones you can cover. A business-focused blog, in particular, is not always a great fit for these more personal concepts. In these cases, you might decide to blog about skills you have, whether they’re in a personal or professional capacity. Blog about the skills that help you thrive in the office or that unique ability to do something well. You may be surprised by how many readers may be looking to learn this skill you’re already excellent at.

Your Journey


With most of the blog topics mentioned already, you’ll be focusing on what’s already happened to you or what you already know. However, you can just as easily blog about your current state and the path you’re moving along. For example, maybe you’ve just found out you’re expecting and decide to blog about new motherhood. Or, perhaps you’re recovering from some trauma and turn to a blog as an outlet for that process. No matter what your journey considers, there’s a lot you might be able to cover—all of which could be impactful additions to your blog.

Whatever your reason for starting a blog, you’ll find that there’s no shortage of topics you can cover in its virtual pages. From professional skills to a personal journey, your blog can consider a few related topics, home in on something in particular, or even change over time. You’ll better determine your site’s niche and your role as a blogger by blogging about a subject. In the process, you’ll help readers in some way—educating or entertaining them, most likely—and you may even find you’re learning more about yourself in the process. Remember: this is your blog. You can always change your mind about your topic (or other qualities) as you go.

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