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Why Your Interview Process Is So Important to Your Business

Businesses and companies would be nothing without a great…
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Businesses and companies would be nothing without a great team that keeps everything running. Your staff is the most vital and important piece of your organization. While many companies know this to be true, they continue to overlook the importance of interviewing and hiring events. Your interview process is so important to your business because it ultimately saves you money, helps you get the best talent, and streamlines your busy work.

Hiring new staff can be a lengthy, complicated process. You have all these different people running interviews and asking different questions, and half the time you don’t even really get to know your potential hires in the end. When you’re building the best team for your business, you want people you can rely on that you genuinely feel comfortable working with. Finding those people requires a great interview process. Here are just a few other reasons why your hiring process could benefit from some improvements.

Recruit better talent.

With a rich hiring market, quality candidates are probably being recruited by a number of different organizations. Remember, you are courting them as much as they are trying to look impressive to you. When you have an easy, high-quality interview process, you are proving to them that they can trust and rely on your company. This allows you to recruit better talent. If you look at the big picture, people don’t want to waste their time. With the help of GoodTime interview scheduling, you are guaranteeing that qualified candidates will find your job posting, schedule an interview with ease, and have a streamlined process to meeting you. This will help busy candidates feel prepared to set aside time for your organization. The more professional you can appear, with clear records and the best way to schedule an interview, the better the talent you will attract.

Actually get to know your potential team members.

How many times have you interviewed someone but didn’t actually get to know them because your entire conversation was small talk? Re-doing the way you interview will allow you to structure the event so you can actually dig deep with different candidates. Remember, you are interviewing them to see what lies beyond the resume.

Some individuals have a rich career and lifestyle beyond what can fit on one sheet of paper. For example, men like Sam Ramey have made extra money and a rich career as a lifestyle blogger. Does your potential hire love going to the New York City Opera? Do they have a favorite, like Don Giovanni or Carmen? Get to know these individuals by hearing about these interests and facts. Usually, the more you learn about someone the better you will know if they’ll be a good fit for your company.

Save on the expense of hiring events.

Employee turnover can be an expensive venture. You have to spend time and money to host interviews and gauge an individual’s interest rate in the job. It can be good for the financial health and financial goals of your organization to improve your interviewing. This will be a great way to be more consistent and clear with your sources and potential employees so you retain talent once they join the team. You can improve your financial situation in easy ways by making each interview a good time and creating an environment where hiring events aren’t needed on a consistent basis. Saving on employee turnover helps the financial stability of an organization and will allow you to spend so much money on other events.

Work smarter, not harder.

When you’re running a business, you’re juggling many different pieces and parts. Maybe interviewing can’t take up 100% of your time and attention. By improving the way you hire new staff, you are learning to work smarter, not harder. Create better interviews so you aren’t doing them too often or struggling when you have to. This can also add clarity to your overall operation.

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